Saturday, December 20, 2014

About Writing Again…

It was about boredom, solitude, loneliness; that writing became an escapade. And, posting each of them on any blog-space was an act of passion and courage.
Moreover, it was to my peek enjoyment to capture characters from my life around, and caricature them wild. I enjoyed it, characters never!
Now that I filled my life with worries and challenges-crisis; monotony affects me little, and hence the by-product of it, that is writing, evaporated from schedules.
A world of WhatsApp and Instagram! How changed place this world became since. Real world usage itself sounds so virtual, that; virtual world became a new real world. Girl next door became stranger to a stranger of a remote island.
And, they say, Facebook is outdated.
Age of a new smart technology already dawned; a new smart outsmarting an old smart.
And, I am here to re-bridge my old lust of writing! Insane you say!

Never mistake this passion for a new-year resolution, and never-never for sake of blogging.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let Them Speak...

Busy flat day of Monday. Waiting for the bus driver to start his action, to reach our destination. Days follow upon days. A kind of monotony keeps the life plain. Before landing to the bus, main concern is on the availability of a seat, and later of a colleague to have a "live" conversation. A rare combination to be materialized now a days.
Before eyes could land anywhere, it got stuck on a frame. A girl, a boy.
Both trying to have a conversation. Though not audible, for sure, they are talking for the sake of seeing each other.
She is laughing, inviting his smart attention, rolling words sugarly. Boy, on the other end, scratching his head and the ground alike.

Watching a very young, dreaming-to-be-love-bees, couple is quite indecent I admit. May be the sheer shock-to-wonder and curiosity to see this aspiring lovers to stand away from the huge crowd spread around, reason my indecency.
My colleague busy whatsapping to his friends, the rest updating their FB status.
Real life happening is quite amazing to watch. The wired and weird relationship starts with a very predictable format as:
"hw u"
"watz up"
"is it"
"is it"
Later to a level up,
"miss u"
And to the end,
"good bye"
Got a story line, not enough depth and fragrance.
Like the first rain after a long dry-hot-sunny season brings the very original smell of life; things which happening at "real" is quite real to watch and feel.
Busy driver of our bus pedaled on his way, and drove through the patchy, pot-holed, water logged roads. But the couple appeared as a question mark to the all virtual affairs happening across globe through those quite many optical fibers dug, satellites spread, signal towers hooked and electromagnetic waves penetrating.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Development - Some thoughts...

Development, a very relative term while considering its scope of applicability.

When confronted with query of its efficacy of positivity or negativity; well, it can be a boon or a bane.

Or else, to speak, development or growth can occur with great advantage to one group of society while for the other segment a curse or misery.

The recent development in our neighboring state of Tamil Nadu itself presents a very vivid instance to relate our topic to.

Kundamkulam Nuclear Power Program, our central government’s a-kind-of-pet-project-per se. Pro-active steps and endorsements, so-obvious advocating in support from PM himself; all came in direct conflict with activists who rightfully feared on lousy manner related departments and politics may turn to fit its most individual profitability than public welfare or safety.

As justifiably understood, government’s reiterated pledge to proceed with projects to generate power, not giving much concern to the mode of energy generation, is admirable as a move to quench the ever increasing nation’s thirst.

For any of us with a watchful eye on recent headlines, could easily get a flashback of scandals from 2G spectrum to CAG to Adarsh flat scandals. If one signifies telecom sector, the other country’s sports reputation worldwide, another nation’s brave men’s sacrificed life. Though the name varies, the ultimate filthy greed to snatch money unlawfully compromising all the nations pride and need.

The polluted-bloated hand in hand caucus of business-bureaucratic-political machinery with their well-intentioned plan to divert millions of rupees which otherwise could have diverted for constructive development of the nation; justifiably made all those men and women to gather behind anti-nuke activisms or, I should say pro-nature movements.

It was not so much days passed that the mankind could possibly forget the disaster caused in Fukushima, Chernobyl and its ongoing deadliness widespread. Falling of cards to another lousy soup with loose-held safety-security measures can only repeat a history which we hardly could forget ever.

To tear the story to bottom, development could be observed as an instrument for the societies’ upgrade, but, taking each and all of its members of the society to the equal confidence ensuring a good pie of stake to everybody’s advantage is essentially a necessity!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Aftermath...

As with any incident or event, the aftermath is also a part of inevitable importance.
To any story, that may add a certain flavor, or sometimes a "twist"; for sure it is an interesting part to play in determining the further development.
If you got a nerve to take a decision, but do not have a idea to see further, or not enough eligible to plan through; the perfectionst may write you down to be doomed with sever consequences, pessimist may call you "the one with no brain", a critic by the name "fool"; but to the one who makes the decision, the decision got an importance as equal as freedom of being eligible to pick his own card.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cochin-Mangalore Gas Pipeline

As like any major revolutions that took society to tempest, "Gas-Pipeline" scoop too crippled like an ant on any hardest rock surface.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Company, Returns...

It was a day, the oppression and frustration going through his mind propelled like an Inter Continental Ballastic Missile! What next, words spread in length and width as a blog!
Some Opportunists saved the words in local machine and distributed to alike minds, the corrupted ones. Created some more opportunity for their growth! But who cares!
So, the long await, is over, The Company Returns!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"The trouble with world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."
--Bertrand Russell

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